Monday, January 30, 2017

We Have Seen the Future, and It Is Chaos

We have barely entered the second week of the Rollerball President, and the spontaneous uprisings against him should sober up any man drunk on his own ego.

Decisive action. Decisive action aimed at pleasing a rabidly nationalistic base. That's what Trump-Bannon will deliver. Forget careful deliberation. Forget planning. Forget coalition-building. Just give Franklin Graham the Muslim ban he's been praying for.

Green card holders are legal permanent residents of these United States, but Trump's executive order banning foreigners applied to them. Then it didn't apply to them. Then it didn't really seem to matter, as green card holders were being detailed at dozens of airports, both foreign and domestic. It took until late yesterday for the Trump administration to issue another order declaring that green card holders were exempt.

And, congratulations, Trump-Bannon! You now have your first constitutional crisis, as various judges are studying whether you crossed the line.

The order bars entry to refugees from anywhere in the world for 120 days and from Syria indefinitely. That's just exactly how Trump feels about the promise carved into the base of the Statue of Liberty. The order blocks any visitors for 90 days from seven designated countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. (Majority Muslim countries where Trump does business were noticeably exempt.) The Department of Homeland Security initially said the order would bar green card holders from those seven countries from returning to the United States. Many were trapped in foreign airports, trying to get home.

Trump is now claiming it isn't a Muslim ban. Of course, everyone knows that's precisely what he promised during the campaign, in those exact words. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said in an interview on Saturday that President Trump had previously asked him about legally implementing a "Muslim ban." Certainly, all the Franklin Grahams in this country understand it as a Muslim ban.

As do all the Muslims in the rest of the world, who are now targets of jihadi propaganda showing conclusively that the United States has a religious crusade underway. All of which makes every last one of us less safe.


Wolf's Head said...

Schumer wept.

(I, on the other hand, am immensely enjoying this)

Anonymous said...

Yep you're right about Trump leaving out countries where he does business: "President Trump omitted from his ban a number of other predominantly Muslim nations where his company has done business. This adds further illegitimacy to one of the most arbitrary executive actions in our recent history, and raises significant constitutional questions."

The very definition of conflict of interest.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy yourself now, Wolf'sHead. You'll be screaming for more blood when the lone wolf from Pakistan or Egypt or Afghanistan or Indonesia comes and does violence to us, inflamed with hatred over Trump's Muslim ban. The ban was poorly thought out -- or not thought out at all -- and was a political move to make you and other supporters enjoy the spectacle and applaud your Leader. It's stupidity of the highest order.

Wolf's Head said...

So you are afraid of a lone wolf attack by a muslim terrorist, but are more afraid to stop them from entering the country?

You have made yourself a hostage to violent and evil men and women.

Such stupidity and cowardice are trademarks of the left.

And if you're worried about the "lone wolf from Pakistan or Egypt or Afghanistan or Indonesia" then maybe we SHOULD have a ban on ALL muslims coming in.

Just because you're afraid.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, those guys love us so much now! Let's not take any action to make Americans safer if it isn't approved by the radical terrorist lobby!

Anonymous said...

None of the mass attackers on our soil for the last 16 years have come from any of the banned countries. That's a fact. Where have they come from? Egypt, Pakistan, and most especially Saudi Arabia, none of which are covered by Trump's ban. Trump's ban is the essence of non-strategic thinking. He's just placating people like you guys and needlessly making us more hated in Muslim countries, whose help we actually need in fighting ISIS. It was a stupid move. It has made us less safe, as I'm afraid time will surely prove.

Bannon clearly wants a war with Islam. I do not want a war with Islam. I think only mad men would want a war with Islam.