Saturday, January 28, 2017

Berger Sez: Forget Repeal of HB2, Chumps

Phil Berger, NC Senate Republican leader and ruler of all he surveys, is saying that the repeal of HB2 is pretty much off the table, because, evidently, the state can still lose more tourism and business development money as well as national prestige, and as long as there's yet an unexplored bottom to that barrel, we'll keep going down.

Suck on that, sane people!

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Raleigh Yokel said...

Berger and his fellow troglodytes have trapped themselves by their own rhetoric. In the article you linked to, Berger still takes the company line: That he and his fellow religionists will never allow grown men in women's restrooms, which, of course, as any informed person knows, misses the reality of the transgender citizen by a good, wide country mile. But they've repeated the lie so much that their less-informed country constituents believe it totally ... that somehow grown men would be allowed to shog around and through women's restrooms, willy nilly, menacing good little girls and proper young women. It's a crock of feces, yes, but now Berger can't back down off the claim without severe tire damage.

As much as he and the other "business-oriented" Republicans would like to get out from under the opprobrium of HB2, they've trapped themselves under its considerable weight, which is taking us all to the bottom of the sea.