Sunday, January 22, 2017

In His First Hour, Trump Signed Order To Raise Mortgage Rates

Trump spoke at his inaugural about what a man of the people he's going to be, helping all the little guys in the red baseball caps who have been forgotten by Washington elites, and then he went to the Oval Office and signed an executive order rescinding a rate decrease on FHA-backed home loans.

One of those guys in a red baseball cap with a $200,000 FHA mortgage will pay an additional $500 a year on their mortgage now.

Do they care that Trump just screwed them?

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Anonymous said...

In a word, no.

That news will never penetrate their Facebook timeline/Twitter feed, or be mentioned on the "alternative fact" sites they surf. There's no objective reality anymore. That Conway interview with Chuck Todd on Sunday blew my mind. The surreal is now real.