Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Dallas Woodhouse Needs a Nap

The Charlotte City Council suddenly repealed their anti-discrimination ordinance on Monday (under pressure, apparently, from Governor-Elect Roy Cooper). They did it to seal a deal with the General Assembly that it would also repeal HB2. But last night the deal seemed to unravel a bit.

Why? Although the city council repealed the major parts of its February ordinance – including all the clauses related to bathrooms and locker rooms that were the main source of Republican opposition -- the council apparently missed some minor "linked" provisions.

So last night at 1 a.m., Dallas Woodhouse, Executive Director of the NCGOP, who likes to take a drink once in a while, tweeted this: “The HB2 blood is now stain soaked on their hands and theirs alone. What a dishonest, disgraceful shame by Roy Cooper and Charlotte Democrats.”

No one ever accused Woodhouse of sober thoughtfulness.

The Charlotte City Council met again early this morning to fix the oversight:
Charlotte City Attorney Bob Hagemann said there had been some misunderstanding about council’s actions on Monday, but denied that there was any attempt to confuse or mislead state lawmakers.
“You [city council] did repeal all of the public accommodation ordinance” Monday, he said. “No attempt was made to hide anything or deceive anybody...I was certain the council acted in good faith.”
“I don’t know that we’re smart enough to actually do that,” he said of tricking the legislature. “But we’re not dumb enough to try.”
So this morning as the General Assembly convened, presumably to perform their half of the "repeal deal," various Republican members of the House began denouncing the whole (5th) special session of the General Assembly as unconstitutional (like that has ever slowed them down!), announcing they would never vote for repeal. The three loudest grandstanders were Larry Pittman (Cabarrus), Jeff Collins (Franklin, Nash), and Michael Speciale (Beaufort, Craven, Pamlico).

With only 105 of 120 members of the House showing up this morning, if there are many defections among the Republicans, it will take all the Democrats and at least 15 sane Republicans to repeal HB2.

Back to Woodhouse: He's a Liar

The last special session of the General Assembly -- gosh! was it just last week? -- was characterized by a preemptive, warning outcry among Democrats that the Republicans were planning to pack the NC Supreme Court to nullify the election of Democratic Judge Michael Morgan. You remember everyone's case of nerves about that, don't you? What the GA did was bad enough, but they didn't pack the court.

Dallas Woodhouse issued a blistering, blood-on-their-hands type statement attacking the news media for reporting the rumor: “I am embarrassed by how the press fell hook, line and sinker for a court expansion crisis that was speculated by Democrats, rumored by Democrats, and fed by Democrats.” Blah, blah, blah. The Woodhouse denunciation went on and on.

But ... really? Woodhouse embarrassed? And we thought he was un-embarrassable!

But who comes out Monday and exposes Woodhouse as a liar? None other than lame-duck Pat McCrory who issued a statement in which he confirmed that indeed the General Assembly was planning to pack the court and that he, heroic Pat McCrory, had stopped them:
“During the past week as the legislature called themselves back into session, I was actively working as your governor to protect the separation of powers between the legislative and executive branches of government .... I also successfully worked to deter any efforts to expand the composition of our Supreme Court."
D'oh! Governor Squishy, you become useful once in a great while!

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Anonymous said...

I noticed in one news report that a big chunk of the GOP legislators didn't show up for the special session today.

Either they know it's just for show and nothing will happen or they want to use the fact they didn't vote on it as a carrot to evangelicals and Tea Bagged Trumpers come election time.

Unknown said...

I saw him Monday at the state capital building. He burst into the empty senate chamber and cursed loudly because he could not find any ashe trays. Seriously. The two capital police that were stationed near me just rolled their eyes. H

Anonymous said...

Whatever Dallas Woodhouse is smoking, I don't want any part of it.