Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Luke Eggers to Watauga Municipalities: "You Have My Permission To Drop Dead"

This highly revealing passage appears in Jesse Wood's press coverage of yesterday's Watauga Board of Elections (BOE) meeting in the context of Early Voting during the upcoming municipal elections:
[Stella] Anderson said that she would like staff from the county elections office to reach out to all of the municipalities and see what early voting sites they would like to have. If those municipalities agreed to pay for the one-stop voting sites, then Anderson said there was “no reason” for the Watauga County Board of Elections to not approve those sites.
Eggers or Aceto didn’t offer a response to Anderson’s desire to seek recommendations from the municipalities during the meeting.
After the meeting, Eggers said that the office would certainly take any recommendations from the municipalities but said that there was no reason for the county to reach out to those municipalities regarding one-stop voting. [emphasis added]
The individual municipalities do pay the expenses for municipal elections, which would appear to provide a "reason" -- a very good reason -- for the county BOE to inquire what Early Voting sites the municipalities would like for their elections.

Luke Eggers
It was apparently such a novel idea to suggest that the BOE should actually ask the municipalities what they would prefer that Eggers&Aceto had no response during the meeting. (Plus Luke Eggers' big brother "Four" wasn't in the room to tell his little brother what to think, so he was rudderless.)

Only afterward did Luke Eggers decide he's better channel his big brother's total control over the BOE: "Why the hell would we ask anyone what they preferred in the way of Early Voting sites when County Attorney Four Eggers has all of that predetermined and securely locked down?"


James said...

I'm sorry you have to deal with such an arrogant bunch of assholes.

Unknown said...

Interesting. At our Forsyth County BOE meeting yesterday, the director reported that he had reached out to the municipalities to ask if they needed an early voting site. None of them wanted one (!) so the Board agreed to just have the downtown office open for that period. Very open and bipartisan. And mature. So sorry, Watauga.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, the Watauga Republican elected officials don't much care what the voters think - witness what the three GOP county commissioners did yesterday at the public hearing - ignored everyone who spoke. All who spoke were in favor of the moratorium - as were the two Democratic commissioners. GOP commissioners feel that protecting homeowners is not their job… they were EXTREMELY clear in making that known.