Tuesday, July 07, 2015

NC House Member to Governor: "Your Comments Are Sophomoric"

Michael Speciale
Michael Speciale, R-New Bern, who originally voted against Trudy Wade's scheme to seize control of the Greensboro city council for Republicans (before he got himself disciplined by the Republican leadership in the NC House and came back into the House chamber to vote for the "local bill"), has lashed out at his fellow Republican, Governor Pat McCrory, who called Trudy Wade's plot against Greensboro Democrats “a bad bill and a shameful process.”

Speciale isn't having it! With a guilty conscience for having changed his vote and allowing this piece of garbage to become law, Speciale posted this on his Facebook page: “Gov. McCrory just cannot seem to get that he is no longer a Mayor and we are not his Aldermen. As usual, the governor’s comments about the General Assembly are sophomoric and borne of ignorance and a lack of knowledge. The Executive Branch needs your attention, governor, not the Legislative Branch!”

Speciale went on to suggest that McCrory is “constantly grandstanding in the press.”

Well, yes he is ... constantly grandstanding in the press ... but what's really striking here is how little respect the governor gets from members of his own party, let alone from political hacks like yours truly. Is this good for North Carolina? To have a governor whose own "allies" in the General Assembly characterize as "sophomoric" (which in other instances might be an apt adjective, but not in this present case)?

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Anonymous said...

What's really funny about #NCGOP is that they OWN IT ALL - and the fighting is as extreme as if they are Dems and Republicans going at it. They are the worst leaders I've EVER seen - party of small government doing land grab after land grab. Tomorrow, Boone ETJ has its day in court - we'll see what the courts say about Soucek's dangerous desire to make state government legislate local issues.