Monday, July 27, 2015

The Arrogance of Their Power

L to R: Speaker of the NC House Tim Moore, Sen. Tom Apodaca,
Sen. Bob Rucho, Sen. Phil Berger
Thomas Mills on the arrogance of these boys

"They want taxpayers to pick up the tab for going to a conference of their choosing, even though ALEC is little more than a political organization that pushes right-wing policy ideas. They should pay a political price for such abuse, but with heavily gerrymandered districts, they don’t think they’ll be held accountable.

"Legislative Republicans have gotten very comfortable with power. Their veto proof majorities allow them to pass legislation at will and their gerrymandered district protect them from being held accountable for bad behavior–like wasting taxpayer money. With few restraints, they’ve quickly become arrogant. Corruption is surely not far behind."

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Anonymous said...

Corruption is surely not far behind?

It's already there. All it will take is just the right couple of staffers to come forward and the right couple of internal emails to come to light.

I'm confident that more than one Republican member of the legislature will be brought up on corruption charges at some point.