Saturday, July 25, 2015

NC Voter Suppression Law Prevents Privileged White Girl From Voting in 2014

Mark Martin (center), when he was appointed Chief Justice
by Gov. McCrory last year. A different daughter is
on the right
Well now. In testimony Thursday in the Winston-Salem federal trial challenging the omnibus voter suppression law passed by the General Assembly in 2013, it suddenly came out that NC Chief Justice Mark Martin's daughter was flummoxed by the new law while trying to vote in 2014.

She had registered at the DMV. The DMV, as is often the case apparently, lost her registration or simply threw it away, so she was never entered into the state Board of Elections database. She went to vote early with her father in 2014, and when the poll workers could not find her in the system, she was prevented from registering again right then and there and voting, which had been the law before the Republicans changed it (same-day registration).

Also contained in this article (read all the way to the end): Did you know that Republican members of the General Assembly refused subpoenas to testify in this trial? They didn't want to say out loud and in court what their motivations were in passing the law. And the judge would not admit numerous newspaper articles quoting those same General Assembly members in 2013 about their motivations.

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