Tuesday, July 28, 2015

How Much Does a Seat on the State Board of Elections Cost?

Paul Foley raised some substantial money for candidate Pat McCrory in 2012, hosting a fundraiser for the future governor and then pretty soon after that getting his appointment from McCrory to the state Board of Elections (SBOE).

McCrory has since been distancing himself from Foley, whom he forced to resign from the SBOE earlier this month, saying he didn't know Foley. Yet McCrory was present at the Foley fundraiser and posed for photographs with many of the donors in attendance. Foley presented the McCrory campaign with a bill for expenses and got reimbursed over $1,600 ($1,500 of that for the bar tab).

Under the circumstances, it would be so easy -- and so obviously human -- to forget your host and major benefactor.

This started out to be about the dirty gambling money sprayed around the North Carolina political world in 2012 by internet sweepstakes mogul Chase Burns. Now it's also about the cover-up.

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Brother Doc said...

You know who this sleazeball looks like? Little Patty McHenry. Whatever happened to him, BTW?