Sunday, July 12, 2015

Key Documents in the Paul Foley/Chase Burns Nexus

Here are the key documents in the unfolding story about whether State Board of Elections member Paul Foley was funneling details about the State Board of Elections investigation into campaign contributions made to dozens of NC politicians by internet gambling mogul Chase Burns:

1. June 23, 2015, report on the investigation of Mr. Foley's activities by Senior Deputy Attorney General Alexander McC. Peters

2. Oct. 8, 2014, memo "Pending Investigation and Potential Conflict of Interest," from Kim Strach (Exec. Dir., SBOE) to Josh Howard (Chair, SBOE)

3. April 19, 2013, original complaint filed by Democracy North Carolina, calling for an SBOE investigation into campaign contributions by Chase Burns and his wife

4. March 26, 2013, Democracy North Carolina press release, "McCrory Got $70,000 from Donors Tied to Sweepstakes Gambling, Including Another Operator Arrested in Florida Scandal"

5. March 18, 2013, Democracy North Carolina press release, "Sweepstakes Gambling Operator Is Top Donor to NC Legislators; Donations with Ties to McCrory's Law Firm Raise Questions"

6. September 29, 2014, memorandum from Paul Foley to Kim Strach, recusing himself from the Chase Burns investigation

7. September 29, 2014, "CONFIDENTIAL" memo from Kim Strach to Josh Howard, "Possible conflict involving an ongoing investigation into Chase Burns and International Internet Technologies, LLC"

8. October 10, 2014, memo from Kim Strach to Josh Howard, reporting that, despite his official "recusal" from the Chase Burns investigation, Paul Foley is continuing to ask questions and demand an advance copy of the investigative report before it is made public

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