Tuesday, January 06, 2015

McCrory: "I Gotta Have Baksheesh for My Sweetums, Bra!"

Governor Pat McCrory, who is totally and completely competent for leading North Carolina into the 20th Century -- suck it, 19th Century! -- whined yesterday that if the General Assembly doesn't do something quickly, as in immediately, to give him dough so that he can blow in the ears of corporations like Mercedes-Benz USA, North Carolina will totally lose out on new country club members at your better venues.

Because, see, poor corporations like Mercedes-Benz USA cannot possibly pursue outrageous profits without subsidies from incredibly well-heeled and fabulously loaded states like North Carolina. We got the money to burn!

McCrory knows this because he worked for Duke Energy for 30 years, and he gets corporate culture!

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