Friday, January 09, 2015

Foxx: Cut My Taxes, But Don't Even THINK of Providing an Education for People Who Need It

Virginia Foxx -- bless her heart! -- took time off from measuring for the curtains in her new mansion on Hwy 105 to lecture President Obama that there's no way in hell that she'd ever support providing free community college education for all.

Her priorities are incredibly straight and courageously simplistic: the government should do everything in its power to increase her wealth and privilege but nothing whatsoever for anybody else.

Those buffets she loves to filch from and stuff into her over-size pocket book: It's all for her, none for you! Just you keep that in mind.


Oh Suzannah said...

With all due respect, JW, this post was a swing and a miss. You should have gone after Foxx's support for for-profit colleges (DeVry University and Univ of Phoenix, for examples). Foxx is on record saying that it's not the duty of Congress to make college more affordable. No, apparently in her view, it's the duty of Congress to make sure the for-profit industry has a clear glide path to its big profits (and according to every independent report, the education they provide is sub-standard. You DON'T get what you pay for.)

While Foxx is a big fan of for-profit colleges, the for-profit colleges are a big fan of hers, giving her truckloads of campaign cash.

She likes to brag that she was the president of a community college and knows EVERYTHING there is to know. What she knows is who butters her bread.

A disgrace to the 5th District and to any fair-minded civilian with a care for her fellow man/woman.

J.W. Williamson said...

Thank you most sincerely, Oh Suzannah. You are totally right and I appreciate your sharpening of the point

Democratus Rex said...

For profit colleges benefit from government subsidized student loans. I suppose that government altruism is acceptable in this regard.

Anonagain said...

JW, this post reminded me of something I had meant to bring up on here: has there ever really been an in-depth investigation of what really went on at Mayland during Foxx's tenure there? Unfortunately it all happened before the internet was so prominent, so you can't find much about it online. Seems like I remember a vote of no confidence followed by the trustees booting her out on her hind end, but my memory may not be the best on that!