Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thom Tillis, Faking His College Degree

That slickster Thom Tillis! He got his college degree from one of those on-line institutions (with a graduation rate of 4%!), but on multiple websites -- until this minute, after this bit of bogus biography became public -- tried to claim that he graduated from the University of Maryland. He didn't.

The on-line school is named "University of Maryland University College," which actually began as part of the Continuing Studies program at the University of Maryland in 1947 but completely separated from UMaryland in the 1970s. Completely separated but manages to benefit from a justifiable confusion among the higher-education-consuming public.

Just as Thom Tillis was trying to benefit from fudging his biography that he could -- and just did -- claim was a purely inadvertent error brought about by the similarity in names.

If there had been one purely inadvertent error, we might buy it. But the claim that Tillis graduated from the University of Maryland at College Park has occurred on his LinkedIn profile and then again on his biography page on his NC House Speaker website.




Anonymous said...

Well! Everybody can make a mistake about where one got his education at any Community on line institution like Tom did. It's sorted like a Free Speech Republican winning a TV CEO over to his view on Free Speech..Oops

It does get confusing when up is down and location is the right spot to sell Republican BS

Anonymous said...

I guess if you're so busy trying to attract voters it's hard to remember whether you moved to Maryland or simply sat in front of your computer. . . And the voters might not notice the difference anyway. . .