Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Empty Suit Loses More Buttons

Gov. Squishy got pinned by a classroom full of private school fourth graders yesterday in Raleigh, proving that he isn't even up to the challenge of facing questions from 10-year-olds.

The cost of cleaning up Duke Energy's coal ash spill into the Dan River is "the big issue," McCrory said but wouldn't take a position on whether Duke should get away with passing the costs on to the consumers. He passed the buck to the NC Utilities Commission, a majority of whom are now Squishy's appointees. Are they prepared to carry the governor's waffling into action and allow the corporation to stick the public with the costs?

Did you know, O my brethren, that "all forms of energy have a downside"? That's what McCrory told the students. Coal ash is just a "downside." No big thang!

"McCrory seemed miffed that he is receiving a good bit of the scrutiny because of his three-decade tenure at Duke Energy."

That's our governor ... always "miffed" because people notice that he's a paper tiger, a complete cypher, a creature of smarter and tougher minds, someone who can't even look strong to a bunch of fourth graders.

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