Friday, March 21, 2014

The Good Hands People

Governor McCrory's former boss and current Sugar Daddy, Duke Energy, deliberately pumped, over several months, 61 million gallons of coal ash water into a tributary of the Cape Fear River, an intentional "spill" which is more than twice the size of the Feb. 2 Dan River accidental spill.

McCrory's Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), which absolutely no one with at least two working brain cells trusts any more, notified Duke yesterday -- several days after DENR became aware of the pumping -- that putting 61 million gallons of coal ash toxins into the Cape Fear River, uh, violates the law (cough).

DENR also thoughtfully notified officials down-river of the pumping, in Sanford, Dunn, and Fayetteville, to be on alert for carcinogens in their drinking water. Gee, thanks!

With Duke Energy and DENR in charge of our future, what possibly could ever go wrong?


Liberal POV said...

If this was a real person, intentionally contaminating a public water supply they would this would be a criminal charge of terrorism among many other charges.

Anonymous said...

DENR just removed all climate change language from their documents because it doesn't exist in North Carolina. If it is not included, it doesn't exist....just like coastal waters such thing! Hell, if it exists, is getting crowded.

brotherdoc said...

corporations are people too, my friends. so Duke should face the music. a perp walk for their top brass would be welcome.