Saturday, March 08, 2014

The Systematic Dismantling of Environmental Protections in North Carolina

Come on down, fracking! North Carolina is preparing the way for you.

Since the Party of Corporate Greed took control of our state, they've eliminated 225 jobs at the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), including another 51 jobs in the division that protects the state's water resources last week.

If there's one thing DENR learned from the gigantic coal ash spill on the Dan River, it's that we can do with a lot less people monitoring water pollution!

If this is what you wanted, North Carolina, you got it in spades!

And thanks, Governor Squishy, for being such an accommodating doormat.

Duke Energy sez that consumers must pay for its incompetence / callous disregard for the public health / criminal malfeasance.

Fuck you, Duke Energy, and the politicians you rode in on!


Anonymous said...

And when you pollute public water used for drinking, etc., know that you can pass on cleanup costs to consumers - Duke Energy's leading the way to set that precedent.

Henery said...

Privatizing the profit and socializing the costs, eh, Duke Energy! And what WAS your profit last year? Somewhere in the $2.7 billion range, wasn't it?

lucille K. said...

I am beyond livid about this. I am ready to get into the street and raise some hell (and I'm a 58-year-old grandmother). The politicians that have been shielding this criminal corporation from accountability WILL be held accountable!