Monday, January 21, 2013

Who's REALLY Pulling the Strings in North Carolina?

The Koch Brothers
It's no accident that at the same time N.C. Senate Republican leader Phil Berger was trotting out his big plan (surprise!) to eliminate corporate and personal income taxes in North Carolina and shift the tax burden to the poor and middle class through big increases in sales taxes, the Republican governor of Nebraska, Dave Heineman, was advocating the exact same thing to Nebraskans in his "state of the state" address.

Lo and behold, Bobby Jindal in Louisiana and Sam Brownback in Kansas are singing the same song. What's going on here?

It's the Koch Boys, acting principally through another of their "front" groups, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the outfit that pushed voter photo ID hard across the country, among other regressive measures that comfort the rich and afflict the rest of us.

'Course, in the dear old Tar Heel State, the Koches already had their Right Arm, Art Pope, who is now firmly in control of state government.

The ALEC philosophy for the Second Obama Term: Let the Muslim Kenyan have Washington. We've got the states, or at least some of them, and we intend to impose the Rich Man's Rule as quickly as possible.

(The connections between ALEC and NC Republican members of the General Assembly -- and some Democrats, bless their hearts -- is well documented and public. Phil Berger is on most of those lists, along with other Republican leaders in Raleigh.)


Anonymous said...

Well at least the working Republicans in North Carolina will have their asses handed to them by the people they elected, too bad for the rest of the workers in the state who don't buy into rule by the corporate and rich class.

brotherdoc said...

Those who voted in the current crop of politicians may have voter's remorse next time around, but because of gerrymandering it will be a lot harder for them/us to vote out the rascals who raised food taxes while giving raises to their minions in advisory roles in Raleigh.