Thursday, January 17, 2013

Class Warfare

Rich white men are in control of North Carolina's government now, so you peons better get used to what's coming down the pike: The rich are now fast-tracking a shifting of the tax burden from their pocketbooks to yours.

Don't believe it? They came out and said it yesterday in Raleigh.

We've already highlighted UNCG economist Dave Ribar's analysis of this brilliant Republican plan to make life for the rich a lot freer of the "social contract," but his warning needs repeating: “For this particular proposal, the responsibility would shift from rich households and prosperous corporations to poor households and smaller businesses."

Welcome to the world that Art Pope hath wrought.


Henery said...

They're gonna QUADRUPLE taxes on groceries, ya'll. That's REGRESSIVE as all get-out!

Anonymous said...

And your proof is?

Henery said...

Do the math. I did. Going from 2 percent tax on groceries to over 6 percent is QUADRUPING the tax on groceries.

Source? I've seen it recited in several daily papers today. Just one example:

6th paragraph.

Anonymous said...

A rise from 2% to 6% is "quadruple"?

LMAO...and Henery says 'do the math'

You can't make this stuff up! LOL..Henery you are the funniest poster on the internet!


Henery said...

So sorry. My 6% figure is wrong. However, the "quadruple" adjective is RIGHT. See John Frank's reporting in the Raleigh News&Observer:

You can sneer at me while applauding the plutocrats in Raleigh? Classy.

Anonymous said...

Henery, quad means four, Boo Boo. If you quadruple 2% it is 8%.

Also, what happens to income tax?

Dem12 said...

From what I've read, the proposal is to tax groceries the same as everything else. Right now, groceries are taxed at 2%, and it will rise to 8%. That's quadrupling!

Not Really said...

Is this the same legislature that raised h*ll a year or two ago about raising the sales tax by 3/4 of a penny? The hubris in Raleigh these days is going to drag this state down. Do we really want to look to Tennessee or South Carolina as examples?

sloopdog said...

Tennessee or South Carolina? Hell, we already look like Mississippe!!