Sunday, January 20, 2013

The War on Women in NC Will ACCELERATE

A Pew Research Center study released last week found that 63 percent of those surveyed don’t want Roe v. Wade overturned. Only 38 percent of Catholics -- Catholics -- favor outlawing abortion. Almost half -- 48 percent -- of Republicans favor keeping abortions legal (compared to 74 percent of Democrats).

Ain't no thang, though, to NC General Assembly member Paul "Skip" Stam, who promised an anti-abortion rally in Raleigh yesterday to expect more insulting road blocks for women in North Carolina.

Among other things, Stam said that a law will be introduced (and will undoubtedly pass) to exclude abortion coverage from federal health insurance exchanges, which is in itself kinda funny, since this same bunch also doesn't want anything to do with federal health insurance exchanges. But nevertheless, they'll OUTLAW THE HELL OUT OF ABORTION.
They are in control of women's wombs. Let's have no disagreement on that.

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Anonymous said...

I would rather him disagree with himself than you. At least he can see another side. You never consider the facts or the science. You just report the cool-aid of Blue NC or Progressive Pulse.