Thursday, January 31, 2013

GOP to North Carolinians: You Don't Need No Stinking Medical Insurance

Gov. McCrory has said that he has not made up his mind whether the state should expand its Medicaid coverage or participate in a health insurance exchange, but it appears that the honchos in the General Assembly are making his mind up for him. Despite all his theatrical throat-clearing, we believe that Gov. McCrory Butthead will end up doing as he's told, and poor and middle-class citizens in North Carolina in need of health insurance will suffer.

WRAL is reporting that legislators "aren't waiting for him." Bills in both NC House and Senate were filed yesterday, on the first day of the session, to block the expansion of Medicaid and to block NC's participation in the creation of any health exchanges.

Lovely. The ideological radicals, in their Obama-hating spite, are prepared to see some 500,000 low-income North Carolinians become ineligible for Medicaid on January 1, 2014.

That's only one domino. Another would cut off another 700,000 middle-class families from being able to get the credits to make insurance more affordable.

Watching this vandalism of the social contract in Raleigh makes my heart turn to stone. I might eventually be wholly indifferent to any fate that befalls the people doing this.

The House bill is H16. House member Jonathan Jordan's telephone number is 919-733-7727.

The Senate bill is S4. Senate member Dan Soucek's telephone number is (919) 733-5742.

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