Friday, January 11, 2013

Resolution Opposing the Taking of Municipal Water Systems

This resolution was drafted specifically with reference to Asheville's situation, where a Republican member of the General Assembly introduced legislation to simply grab Asheville's water system for the benefit of the rest of the county.

BUT it's something that could happen to Boone, especially with House & Senate representatives from this district who've already shown themselves quite willing to remove Boone's ability to regulate its extra-territorial boundaries and to punish the city generally.

Boone is currently in the process of investing millions of its taxpayers' dollars in building a new water source. With the Asheville precedent staring us in the face, there's no reason to believe that the state's General Assembly, under the control of muncipality-hating Republicans, won't simply pass legislation to take that water system and give it to developers in, say, Deep Gap, where few regulations exist to prevent the Deep Gap version of Pigeon Forge.
WHEREAS, Statewide legislation was introduced in the 2011 Session of the North Carolina General Assembly that would have forced the involuntary conveyance of a city-owned water system to a Metropolitan Sewer District; and 
WHEREAS, prior to the beginning of the 2012 Session of the North Carolina General Assembly, the Legislative Research Commission recommended legislation that would force the City of Asheville to transfer its Municipal water system to a Metropolitan Sewer District; and 
WHEREAS, the 2012 Session of the North Carolina General Assembly enacted legislation to begin the process of the forceful taking of a Municipal water system; and 
WHEREAS, it is anticipated that legislation will be introduced at the beginning of the 2013 Session of the North Carolina General Assembly that will force the transfer of a Municipal water system; and 
WHEREAS, public utilities have the unique responsibility to be protectors of public health and the environment, while serving as partners in the community’s growth and development; and  
WHEREAS, the forced taking of any local government infrastructure sets a dangerous precedent in the State of North Carolina, a precedent that will have a chilling effect on any local government investing in needed infrastructure in the future, thereby endangering business opportunities and economic stability in the State and resulting in job losses for citizens here and across the State. 
1. The ______ is opposed to legislation that forces the transfer of any City’s municipal water system to another entity.
2. The _______ is convinced that local solution arrived at by an open, collaborative process is preferable to a legislative directed disposition of local government assets.
3. The _________ is opposed to the forced taking of any local government infrastructure because such taking sets a dangerous precedent that will have a chilling effect on any local government investing in needed infrastructure in the future, thereby endangering business opportunities and economic stability in the State and resulting in job losses for our citizens here and across the State.Read, approved and adopted this the ____ day of _________, 201_ . 


Anonymous said...

And how is this different from Boone stealing water from Ashe County?

Anonymous said...

Don't some of the county commissioners own large tracts of land in Deep Gap?

bettywhite said...

Here we go again - Boone is not "stealing" water from Ashe County. As far as I know, there is no Ashe County Water Authority, where the citizens have paid for a water system and tanks and infrastructure. Ashe County could draw water from the New River if they wanted to go through the same process that Boone has gone through. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that the water intake site was in Watauga, not Ashe, although it's close to the county line.

Jesse Steele said...

Not that I expect our Anon friend to read this. But here ya go.

Anonymous said...

And a letter to the editor consisting of an opinion is supposed to prove what? And yes the water in Ashe County is Ashe County's water. So what if 70% did approve?(they don't) The water is being stolen from those that do not approve.

The intake site is in the river that is the border between Watauga County and Ashe County. None of the water that will come into the intakes comes from Boone.

Dem12 said...

That is ridiculous.. the water isn't Ashe County's just because it flows through there! The same water has already been through Watauga... so I guess we could say it was Watauga's first???

Anonymous said...

Asheville and Boone think they are the big dogs and the rest better kneel down and do exactly what they say. All the smart people hate guns, religion and own the water. There is no choice, no other ideas, no other thoughts. These assholes know everything and we better buck up and do what the folks of the Boone and Asheville elite say. That is the reason mountain people love them so much.

bettywhite said...

Wow, Anonymous. What a harsh and hateful statement. It must be sad in your bitter little world.