Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Dan Forest Needs a Staff

First off, who the hell is Dan Forest?

He's our newly installed NC Lieutenant Governor and someone's son who's famous in Republican circles. (That's one of his campaign pitches to the left.)

He made a show of announcing his new staff, including a "director of operations" and a "director of constituent services" (featuring a recent graduate of ASU who's just completely brilliant in Republican circles, we hear) and (natch!) a "chief of staff."

As Gary Pearce sez, quoting an unnamed Raleigh source, “Just goes to show – it’s easy to talk about reducing the size of government until it’s your turn to build a taxpayer-supported empire.”

That same unnamed critic of politico empire-building had a bit more to say:
“Why does he need a chief of staff? And why on earth does he need a ‘director of operations’? To operate what? The copier? The office microwave? 
“And why are we paying for him to have a ‘director of constituent services’? Does he have constituents who are not represented by the governor or someone in the legislature? 
“The lite gov in this state has a single function – to preside over the Senate. He bangs the gavel and does what the leadership tells him, and he votes to break ties. Who needs a staff to manage this? Does he really need a trooper to drive him around? Who wants to harm him? Who even knows who he is? 
“Democrat Walter Dalton also had a needlessly large staff when he was lt. governor, so we thought a Republican would embrace the notion of smaller government and have a little office near the Senate chamber and an assistant to answer his phone in case it ever rings.

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Doug said...


Your hyper partisan mentality blinds you to your ways. Cowardly sitting behind the safety of a computer screen, you shoot flaming arrows at just about everyone – often for no apparent reason outside of spite.

If no one knows or cares whom Dan Forest is, why utter a single word about him?

If the job of Lt. Governor were so minuscule, why would the State Employees Association pledge upwards of a million dollars in support of Forest’s opponent?

You attack Forest for the size of his staff when Perdue, serving as Lt. Governor, had a staff of twelve, and Dalton had a “needlessly large staff” numbering from eight to ten employees.

Forest’s staff: three.

Amazing, you can somehow accuse Forest of “taxpayer-supported empire” building, when the Lt. Governor’s staff has been reduced by 300% since Perdue!

Where is your post criticizing Perdue and Dalton’s wasteful ways while serving as Lt. Governor? No, I doubt there will be a post you can link to.

I’ll also go out on a limb and bet you voted for both Perdue and Dalton in their bids for Governor, knowing both actually jumped at the chance to “build a taxpayer-supported empire.”

Given your cowardly ways, I doubt this post actually makes it through your “screening” process.