Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Triumph of Fox News

The following intercepted email was written by a Blowing Rock woman to another Watauga County resident who had expressed support for President Obama's reelection. We've left out a couple of sentences to conceal the identities of both persons, but otherwise the letter is exactly as written, including all the exclamation points, question marks, and the SCREAMING CAPS:

November 8, 2012 9:23:30 AM EST
Dear _____,
I hope that you and the thousands like you, that voted for Obama, will be able to live with the consequences of your actions! 
....You of all people will have to WATCH as the elderly are given ONLY pain medication to try to keep them comfortable rather than treat their cancer or other diseases with surgery. That decision being made by a DEATH PANEL, now a part of the govt. through the Health Care Bill passage!!!! They will decide because of someone’s AGE, to only keep them comfortable, rather than treat them!!!! YOU will have to witness each and every day the suffering of PEOPLE in order to have the govt. SAVE MONEY!!! If the Health Care Bill is so WONDERFUL, WHY did CONGRESS vote for themselves to be EXEMPT!!?? And gave all the union members exemption –why–if it’s such a good thing??? They did that to win their votes!!!!!! 
There are things in the Health Care Bill that don’t in ANY WAY pertain to health also!!! Like taxes!!! When you sell your home there will be, thanks to the Health Care Bill, an ADDITIONAL 3% tax. You probably think 3% doesn’t matter–but don’t we already pay enough taxes–and HOW IS THAT PART OF THE HEALTH CARE BILL??? the ANSWER – it’s Not!! It is JUST ONE of the HIDDEN Parts that YOU haven’t discovered YET!!!! YOU WILL!!! You will see what we truly have as a “president” – a LIAR!!!! He thinks we are a stupid country and can’t see his deception. Maybe some can’t ..... but I KNOW HE IS A LIAR!!!! And you will soon learn also! 
How can you sleep at night knowing you voted for a “man” that would let 4 men be killed in Libya and NOT send help!!! And then LIE about it – in order not to bring it up BEFORE the election!!!! I don’t think you’d feel the same about this “man” if it had been YOUR SON!!!!!!! 
WHY has he spent over $3,000,000 covering up his school records????? BECAUSE HE IS NOT A NATURALIZED CITIZEN!!!! He went to school as a foreign student!!!! HOW IN GOD’S Name can we have a president who is not even a naturalized citizen????? 
He is taking away our freedom, little by little – you won’t even notice – then one day everyone will come to the realization that we are a socialist nation and won’t even understand how it happened!!! I believe with ALL my heart he is a Muslim and is destroying our country from within!!!! If you do your homework and really understand all that he is doing, I think you will be astounded that you could have POSSIBLY been a part of it by voting for him. Take this VERY SERIOUSLY! Find out as much about this person as you can, and THEN think about what YOU’VE done to our great country!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA – the one we used to be!!!!!! 
[name withheld] 
PS Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take vacations like “the first lady” – I use those words very loosely – PAID FOR BY YOU AND ME????? HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FOR HER VACATIONS .... How has it come to this????????????????????????????? 
SLEEP WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had planned to patiently document all the myths, lies, fabrications, and wild fantasies contained in this document but decided against it. What would be the point, exactly? It's already been amply documented that Fox News addicts are dumber for their addiction than people who read no news whatsoever, plus there are plenty of other studies that show that the extremes of both parties are hermetically sealed in their own world views and will not listen to evidence to the contrary.

If we're capable of being shocked at all by this catalogue of victimization, it's the realization that this woman represents a sizable portion of the contemporary Republican Party. If anything, she's actually a moderate Republican, since she doesn't accuse the President of being The Antichrist -- which is another popular saying currently circulating in the bloodstream of Hard Right America.


Syd said...

These people are dying off. Slowly, but surely. I hope FAUX news and their bubble-heads continue to lie to themselves because they'll never win another national election if they do.

Unfortunately, the wingnuts are attacking the state level now because they realize in some states that kind of crazy still plays.

Anonymous said...

The Republicans won the states because the ran conservative candidates in them. They lost where they ran liberals.

Henery said...

Anonymouse 5:24, you have GOT to be kidding! Or perhaps you're just that ignorant (more of that Fox News "Effect"?). The last I saw, at least eight Tea Party conservative Republicans, who won seats in 2010, were defeated in this election. Have you not heard about Allen West, the darling of all conservatives, down in Florida? Do the names Todd Aiken and Richard Mourdock ring any bells? Get a clue, please, before embarrassing yourself here.

Jesse Steele said...

And henery beats me to it. So I'll just add that West also lost despite the now admitted attempts by former GOP members to suppress the vote in Florida.

And across the country? It was beautiful to see Karl "meltdown" Rove, the Kochheads, and the rest of the Citizen's United "Corporations are people my friend" scumbags learn that money won't buy you an election when you piss the people off as much as they did.

Those long lines everywhere restored a bit of my faith in America. All the more so when even after the election was called people in Florida still stayed in line because by god they were going to vote.

Anyway here's a little reading for you Anon.

For those too lazy to read it, I'll save you the trouble by posting the final paragraph.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan might be surprised to learn that he is now remembered most for his oft-repeated maxim that “everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.” Yet today most Americans do see themselves as entitled to their own facts, with one of our two major political parties setting a powerful example. For all the hand-wringing about Washington’s chronic dysfunction and lack of bipartisanship, it may be the wholesale denial of reality by the opposition and its fellow travelers that is the biggest obstacle to our country moving forward under a much-empowered Barack Obama in his second term. If truth can’t command a mandate, no one can.

bettywhite said...

"The Republicans won the states because the ran conservative candidates in them. They lost where they ran liberals." What Republican candidate this year was a liberal??

Anonymous said...

Romney for one. He favored abortion, gun control, and socialized medicine when he was governor. The election was lost when he was nominated.

sinister minister said...

Republicans had plenty of conservatives to choose from, but didn't. Fact is, republican orthodoxy is irrelevant, even to republicans.

Anonymous said...

Good point SM. The Republicans left their base so the base left them.

johnbyjohn said...

And there we go. No matter how horrible Republicans do in elections, they always manage to blame it on liberals. It's never their own fault, always some damn liberal. Romney was no liberal - he would say and do anything to get elected. Looks like he's already been scrubbed from Republicans' memories.

Anonymous said...

Once again, in an attempt to get by the censor, he was scrubbed from the support of the conservatives form the start. They eill not vote for a liberal simply because of party affiliation.

brotherdoc said...

Yes indeedy, let's see the GOPers run somebody they think of as a REAL conservative next time. How about Grover Norquist himself, the glib uncrowned king of No Taxes Ever? Sarah P, the mindless half-term governor of our least populated state? Right now I am having a hard time coming up with good names, but surely Rush, Glenn, Rupert, etc. will anoint someone. He/she will have to be: anti abortion, anti gay, anti tax, anti immigrant, anti labor,anti alternative energy...what am I leaving out? Pro war and pro Israel, sure, but does that sound like really appealing, positive platform? Probably 48 states of 50 will go Democratic, and once and for all the insane right will be shown they are losers and fools.

Anonymous said...

As long as the Republicans try to be liberal lite they will lose. The party is dead.