Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hey, All You Secessionists Out There

The North Carolina Constitution explicitly and specifically outlaws secession:
Article 1, Section 4
This State shall ever remain a member of the American Union; the people thereof are part of the American nation; there is no right on the part of this State to secede; and all attempts, from whatever source or upon whatever pretext, to dissolve this Union or to sever this Nation, shall be resisted with the whole power of the State.
Hattip: Jeanette Doran

And while we're at it, Article 1, Section 10 of the same document puts a crimp in requiring our non-driving citizens to go out and pay for a photo ID:
All elections shall be free.

The way around that, of course, is for the state to pay for any expenses incurred in the obtaining of a photo ID, though all you fiscal hawks should be squawking about that unnecessary expenditure of tax money, especially since there is demonstrably no need for any of it ... except, of course, to discourage certain people from voting.


Anonymous said...

That was forced on North Carolina by the northern conquerors. It can be changed.

Anonymous said...

Any document written under duress is not valid.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely! If we can amend the Constitution to deny rights to certain segments of the population, we can certainly amend it to be able to secede. And re-instate lynch mobs, when it comes to that. I think we should amend the Constitution to do any number of things with which more advanced civilizations would disagree. The U.S. Constitution as well. The sky's the limit on this one.

Anonymous said...

You are right.

What the Northern armies and the Union Congress did during and after the Civil War was decent and right. And during and after the war, as a civilian, if you were a unionist, you could keep your property, including your slaves. If you were a secessionist, you lost your property, and in many cases, you were shot. Also, it did not matter if the rich northern manufacturers wanted to force a huge tariff, the main reason for the war, on the agrarian southern states, and later the west, the Union was Supreme and the word of the rich Yankee interests was the LAW. After all, someone has to have all the money and wealth. Just ask the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds and their agent Jacob Schiff. And let's not forget the modern Warren Buffet and George Soros. We should have a global financial oligarchy - these men are our gods. There is no need for such things as free enterprise. There is no need for civilization for the rest of us. We can live as primitive as our Stone Age antecedents. Our gods, the financiers and their all wise, global STATE, with all the wealth will take care of us. Right, Pam?

Sherman, that benevolent military leader, was right to kill many southern civilians and to justify this necessary extermination. He reported that his army was wiping out whole populations and would people them over with more agreeable people.

And how dare anyone rage against the 14th Amendment, which made us all, all races and ethnicities, subjects of the national Washington, DC system. The national State needed that status so later when they fought in foreign wars, it was necessary for the DC system to muster and draft huge armies for the supreme national government. The silly states did not need to check any power of the Godhead in DC. Why, we had our own Empire to build by interfering worldwide.

Our 18th century predecessors, as colonies of the British throne, had no right to secede as subjects of the wonderful British Empire. And furthermore, we, as ungrateful states, had no right to do away with, to secede from, the Articles of Confederation and devise a new system. The nerve of these people. There was no need for a genuine Republic. The resulting democracy was a much better system, so as when 51% of the population could decide if the other 49% lived or died.

Again as to secession, why did the previous generations need to secede from the previous system? And our wonderful DC system of today, our incorruptible, wise and frugal federal leaders, how could we be so ungrateful!?

Brushfire said...

Because the last time we had a civil war it worked out so well. ( 500,000 dead and some of the bloodiest, most vicious battles in history, not to mention families and neighbors torn apart.)

Henery said...

Anon 11:59 gives us The Gospel According to the Government Haters. (Looks like Jeff Templeton had one helping too much of Thanksgiving stuffing.)

Anonymous said...

Henery, ah yes, you just love the government, your benefactors, your masters. You just love your slavery.

And as for Jeff Templeton, never met the man. And frankly, I don't care much for his dad. They also follow the status quo, establishment, planned economy, line.

Henery said...

Like so many others of your persuasion, you mythologize what you don't understand -- I guess, to compliment your own prejudices. Whatever works for you, man, but I ain't that thing.

Anonymous said...

What myth was told, Henery? It looks like you are doing the exact thing you accuse others of.

What thing are you - a hypocrite?

Henery said...

Anon 11:59 sarcastically rewrites history to suit his present mood, which is dark I guess because his guy lost the election. He's also depressed evidently that the North won the Civil War and about every other movement that made life for poor people a little more supportable. In other words, Bro, you write like a rich man.

You called me a slave. Okay, let's go with that. If I'm a slave -- and everyone else is a slave who wants to see government work -- what are you? The Last American Hero? Standing off the liberal zombies who've taken over your perfect Republic? You seem to be wrestling through an extended episode of The Walking Dead.

That's what I meant by your mythology ... your lonely, doomed-but-proud struggle against overwhelming odds. If I knew your address, I'd send you a Get Well Soon card.

Anonymous said...

Henery, no doubt you are a product of and you believe everything the indoctrination machine teaches you.

And you forget one big fact re: history.

Whoever wins a war writes the history of said war. And the victors always makes the losers the villians.

Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Liberals on this blog proclaimed everything Anonymous 11:59 said is the truth at various times. They were not being sarcastic. Of course it was when Bush was in power or they were defending Byrd the KKK man so it was alright to say it then.