Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"More of an Ideology Stand Than Anything"

WRAL's Laura Leslie tracked down Randy Dye, the "conservative blogger and activist" who's behind the North Carolina petition to secede from the Union (the video is below). Seems like a sane guy, but he believes the election is proof that the country is headed toward "socialism." (Why none of these folks are ever asked to define socialism I can't decipher.)

Then he makes us a very generous offer: "The Democrats can have this country. They deserve it. It's going to fall, I think." I realize that there's a worm in that bud, like a man giving away a house that just burned, but still .... Is Mr. Dye being half-way accommodating in suggesting that Democrats will be allowed to stay, and to breed?

It's clear that Randy Dye doesn't expect anything like secession to actually happen. It's a gesture, "an ideology stand," he says, and that's cool. Our Constitution allows for that.


Anonymous said...

The election results: NC just seceded from the land of knowledge; going backwards, instead of forwards.

Anonymous said...

North Carolina is now poised to correct the errors of the last 100 plus years.

Anonymous said...

Forwards to what?

'Bankruptcy, totalitarianism, poverty, degradation?

Anonymous said...

No, bankruptcy, totalitarianism, poverty, and degradation were what the Democrats gave us. The Republicans plan to eliminate these things.

Will you miss them?

bettywhite said...

And exactly what "errors" are the Republicans going to correct?

Not Really said...

Anon 7:34 said: "North Carolina is now poised to correct the errors of the last 100 plus years."

Anon 7:34, are you at all familiar with NC history? Because about 100 years ago is when North Carolina started making real investments in education, something that many historians consider the seed of our success, many years later, in attracting businesses and industries like those in the Research Triangle. Or maybe you're upset about all those roads we built, or getting electricity to rural areas? Or is it equal rights for all, including blacks and women, that you think is an "error"?

I'd love to hear you explain what these great errors are that we've made in the last 100 years because I would never want to go back to the world as it was in 1912. My grandmother, who actually lived during the early years of the 1900s, once told me never to believe people who said life was better before. There was good and bad then, she said, just like there is now - and often things were worse. It's a shame that so many people delude themselves with a fake nostalgic picture of life "back then".

Anonymous said...

Lets start with voter fraud such as the early voting favoring Boone residents. Then we can go on to the tax and spend policies of the democrats.Then on to over regulation of businesses. Maybe eliminating the rule of the disenfranchised in ETJs could be next.