Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Reason We'll Still Be Holding Our Breath

Smartest guy I've read all morning, William Saletan:
The guy we just re-elected is a moderate Republican. 
I know how stupid that sounds. Barack Obama is the head of the Democratic Party. For five years, conservative politicians and media told you he was a raving socialist. In the heat of the campaign, when you’re trying to beat the guy, it’s hard to let go of that image of him, just as it’s hard for Democrats to see past the caricatures of Mitt Romney. But now that the campaign is over and you’re staring at a second Obama term, the falsity of the propaganda may come as a relief. By and large, Obama’s instincts are the instincts of a moderate Republican. His policies are the policies of a moderate Republican. He stands where the GOP used to stand and will someday stand again.


Anonymous said...

Well, JW, doesn't this indicate that someone else is pulling his, as well as others, strings?

Anonymous said...

Come onnnnn!!!!!