Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Cynicism of the Well-Timed Tear

"A highly partisan bill," with lethal errors in it, grinds to a halt on the U.S. House floor, and Madam Virginia Foxx tries to guilt-trip the other side into a suicidal unanimous consent agreement by ... yes, crying. And invoking the Aurora, Colorado, Batman slayings for political advantage.

That's two strikes, you phony. One more, and the Tea Party will probably find a medium-sized chalk bluff to carve your face on.

About the ill-fated law that Madam Foxx was pushing, former New York Republican Congressman Sherwood Boehlert said, "It would be difficult to exaggerate the sweep and destructiveness of the House bill," pointing out that its restrictions would prevent the government from helping out the housing market, consumers or the financial markets.

About Mrs. Foxx's cynical and calculated use of the Aurora massacre, her opponent in the November elections, Elisabeth Motsinger of Winston-Salem, issued a statement:
Winston-Salem, NC) Rep. Virginia Foxx took to the House floor today and invoked the tragedy in Aurora Colorado while arguing for the need to pass HRes. 738. Foxx said, “Life is too precious to waste, and the House should hurry up and pass the regulatory bill.” Rep. Foxx was hoping to pass the bill by using the House Rule of “unanimous consent” to quickly rush the bill to passage late in the evening.... 
“Using a painful national tragedy to push for excessively partisan legislation, as was attempted today by my opponent, exemplifies the reason that Americans are so fed up with members of Congress. We should pray for those who are suffering and use this as an opportunity to unify as compassionate Americans.”


Anonymous said...

Next up on Foxx's agenda: protecting our privacy,

At least the British are not taking shit from Romney.

Why should we take more shit from Foxx? Come on farm brothers in the fifth, wake up.

She's not a Republican.

Opoib said...

This is taking advantage of a tragedy for sure if she was really insincere. I am no supporter but i hope she was not just using Colorado to help her motives.

Anonymous said...

She is better than a Republican. She is a conservative.