Monday, July 16, 2012

Attempted Intimidation

WRAL investigative reporter Mark Binker draws a thinly veiled threat.


Anonymous said...

As President Jefferson knew, the forth estate(the press), and free speech are the glue that holds democracy together.

Unfortunately for Mr. Binker and other journalists, reporting the truth often stirs up those people who have a vested interests in keeping the truth hidden.

It's easier to shoot the messenger than deal with issues.

Yes, the photo is clearly intimidation and unfortunate. As history is our guide, there is no low that many will go to in attempting to silence a voice,it's mob mentality.

Carry on Mr. Binker and thanks for posting this JW and demonstrating responsibility in helping journalists expose intimidation at every turn and in every community!

Anonymous said...

It's obvious you did not read the entire article, nor others appearing on this blog. In fact they mentioned this blog indirectly yesterday.

I do wonder if publishing private information is always covered under free speech. If you were to get someone's SS# can you publish it and be free and clear? Ok, perhaps that is a little too far. How about their birth date, place of employment, driver's license number, professional certifications, digitized signature, etc. At what point does it become acceptable in society to display information openly and make it searchable in a database? Can we take the pieces of the puzzle, format them electronically and present in any fashion?

This database originally had some street numbers in it, but was quickly redacted by the host to only street names, is that acceptable? Apparently street numbers are not fair game in their eyes, but streets are for some reason. What about streets with only a single house? How did removing the numbers provide protection to those residents?

They even posted:
"Concealed weapon permit holders’ personal information has always been part of the public record, including name and street numbers. We understand the potential concerns with posting that specific information and we proactively stripped the 78,000 file database of that information."
So it appears they understood the potential for harm. No doubt this admission will be fodder for litigation should someone be harmed.

Lest you think I am not familiar with the first amendment the last time I checked it Congress was instructed no to abridge the freedom of speech or press (and of course religion). When I check NC it says freedom of the speech and press shall not be restrained, but the last part of the NC constitution is key: "every person shall be held responsible for their abuse."

Lastly, my voter registration says Democrat so put away the liberal/conservative labels so we can have an intelligent conversation and discussion.

Anonymous said...

Democrat and Republican have nothing to do with liberal and conservative. Look at the liberal Republican running for President.