Monday, July 02, 2012

The Benefits of Fracking

Fracking proponents poured some $600,000 into the pocketbooks of members of the NC General Assembly, to ensure passage of their bill to make the procedure legal in North Carolina.

The NC General Assembly is evidently for sale, and the fracking industry dutifully bought it.

Presumably, the only reason that Walter Dalton isn't on the list is that this research delved into the campaign contributions of only those who voted on Senate Bill 709, and Mr. Dalton, as Lt. Gov., did not vote. But he nevertheless lost some votes today for governor, coming out on the opposite side of this issue from Beverly Perdue.

When Democrats aren't compromised ... well, that doesn't seem to be an option any more.


Anonymous said...

Anyone for a new democratic and a new republican party?

Elected officials that have the best interests of mankind and nature.

Anonymous said...

Well, the governor asked for a $100 million dollar compromise for our public schools, the republicans ignored her, but thry found $60 million in the early morning for film subsidies and secured a vote for fracking from a democrat, Rep. Suzi Hamilton, New Hanover.

A horse trade we will remember.

Anonymous said...

Your governor vetoed a bill that gave teachers and other state employees a pay raise. She had to know that she was giving the legislature all the trump cards in that battle. All they had to do was threaten to do nothing and the budget would have remained as set last year - that is, no pay raises, etc!

Natually some Dems were gonna fold...either take the "handout" or do without anything. The only question was which dems could stand the political heat of voting to override and which were going to pretend that they were holding fast!