Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The Democratic Sell-Out on Fracking

Rep. Susi Hamilton of New Hanover County, who was bought off with tax-credit favors for the Wilmington film industry. Worse ... the way she was trying to cover her tracks with WRAL's Laura Leslie. Advice to Rep. Hamilton: if you're going to sup with the devil, better use a very long spoon.

The tipping vote on the fracking override was actually Meck Dem Becky Carney's, who says it was a complete and total mistake. Good to know that putting our state's drinking water at risk was purely a slip of the finger. That makes it all so much easier to take!

Other Democrats in the NC House who voted for fracking on the veto override were Kelly Alexander and Rodney Moore of Mecklenburg; Bill Brisson and Dewey Hill, two of the original Five Goobers, who usually vote with the Republicans; and the newly notorious Susi Hamilton.

Gawd, it would be nice to have an actual Democratic Party in North Carolina.


Anonymous said...

You can't blame the outcome on one member when over 100 others voted. Rep. Tillis showed ZERO leadership when he ignored Rep. Carney's pleas for changing her vote---which happens regularly but a 1st time for her.

Everyone makes mistakes. If Tillis were a TRUE leader, he would show some integrity.

Anonymous said...

Tillis did.

Anonymous said...

Let me see, a Charlotte (read Duke)legislator votes to over ride Fracking Veto. And claims she made a mistake. I might believe it if she were from Winston Salem, Greensboro, etc.