Monday, July 09, 2012

Might Be Time To Just Shut Up

Democratic NC House Rep. Susi Hamilton, the notorious flip-flopper on lifting the statewide ban on fracking, has had time to think of good reasons to justify her sell-out:

1. She didn't vote FOR fracking. She voted to regulate it. (Right. But there was no need to regulate something that was justifiably banned already.)

2. "It is easy to pound your fist and stand on supposed principle when you are wealthy. The well-to-do environmental lobby of the general assembly lacks the ability to see a bill for what it is." Ah, those Cadillac environmentalists! Should have known! But on the inability "to see a bill for what it is," see # 1 above.


Anonymous said...

It's time to grow bigger balls than innuendo.
Time to say to Susi, mo money from Democrats and to Kissell and McIntyre, no money from Democrats.

Time to grow a pair and be loud!


Anonymous said...

Jerry Wayne,
She may not agree with your ideas, but at least she looks nice and has a pleasant personality.
Maybe she likes to frack once in awhile.
You have a good day up there in the mountains.

Anonymous said...

Hamilton has already been proven to be more of a dumbass than most of us already thought. Did she think the next shoe to fall on fracking would be on the foot of a reasonable, balanced commission?

What an idiot.

Anonymous said...

ACA in House: It passes, 284-185. Five Democrats Blue Dogs voted with the Republicans. The roll call isn't in yet, but Reps. Dan Boren (Okla.), Larry Kissell (N.C.), Mike McIntyre (N.C.)

And we are giving these bozos DCCC money?

Anonymous said...

I think this is called bi-partisan legislation. You guys used to like that, or at lest said you did.

NewGuy said...

Of course this raises the question as to whether they should vote the "party line" or should they vote the way they feel their constituents want them to?

Fair question....for either party.

Republicans say similar things about Olympia Snowe and Scott Brown - but, in fact, each of them is elected by the people of their state and are pretty much representing those people - not the Republican party.

No matter, it's not likely that either Kissell or McIntyre will be back next year. If their Republican replacements should vote against their own party on an issue, you good folks here will commend them for their non partisanship.