Tuesday, November 29, 2011

McHenry Squeaks, But Where Is Foxx?

Barely a month after endorsing the presidential campaign of Mitt Romney, Congressman Patrick McHenry (R-Minionville) felt compelled to defend his choice for president, declaring forcefully that Mittens is not "two men trapped in one body, as President Obama has hinted. There may, in fact, be three men in there ... and one social secretary, I don't know, or maybe a whole legion. But never mind!"

Meanwhile, Madam Virginia Foxx, who sang in that same Romney choir with McHenry, has been strangely silent in defense of her best hope for a Republican president to follow that Kenyan Muslim.

Buyer's remorse?

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RV said...

Now the Republicans have to decide whether they want a candidate who says what they want to hear or one with real convictions. A real person or a manufactured "perfect" candidate who spouts out the party line to the letter and tries to please all the factions. I think watching this play out will make for an interesting election.