Sunday, November 27, 2011

Clown College Reconvening in Raleigh Tonight

Good deal of breath-holding going on around the state, what with the new Republican majority in the NC General Assembly coming together this evening to continue their roll-back of the state's progressive advancements since, oh, 1895.

They seem to be drawing a particular bead on the Racial Justice Act, since they obviously don't like racial justice or even just fairness in the judicial system.

Pressure has been on Democratic members of the General Assembly to drop those turkey legs, or the concomitant Tums, and get themselves to Raleigh, because the fear is that the Republican leadership will use any Democratic absences to suddenly call up a veto override of the voter photo ID bill, but ace reporter (for the Greensboro News&Record) Mark Binker posted on Facebook that it's highly unlikely.

Why the Republicans couldn't get their shit together in the long session and now insist on recalling everyone repeatedly to Raleigh when the moon is full (and on Sunday night, fer crissakes! Is nothing sacred?) for these micro-sessions of social engineering and right-wing flapping, well, chalk that up to their regular and well documented incompetence at governing!


Anonymous said...

Well, once again the legislature has helped insure the race card is not a factor in the justice system.

Good for them.

Anonymous said...

Are they getting paid and per dimes and such every time they go there? Soucek is claiming poverty, so maybe that has something to do with all these recalls.

Anonymous said...

What does Anonymouse 9:30's comment have to do with the topic of the thread?

Anonymous said...

Are they getting extra money in the form of their per diem (sorry for earlier autocorrect) every time they reconvene?