Saturday, December 13, 2008

Putting the 'Jerk' in Knee-Jerk

Deep Gap native John Idol writes an honest essay about the kind of racial prejudice he knew from his youth in Watauga County and in his own family, by way of amazement that Watauga went for Obama in the November election, and the BooneWeb blogger can only find this to say: "Local accuses most of Watauga as being racist."

Not true. John Idol actually wrote: "But a change was in the wind, not only in my own family but in the families of other Wataugans. They listened to Obama, liked what he said, experienced his commitment to Democratic values, and then decided to vote for him."

BooneWeb blogger accuses Mr. Idol of doing what BooneWeb blogger does on a daily basis, stereotyping people he/she doesn't much like for opinions he/she doesn't much share.

There are limits to smart-aleckiness. Like not being able to read past one's own prejudices.

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