Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Remember Congressman Bob Barr? No? When he represented Georgia's 7th Congressional Dist. from 1995-2003, he was ALWAYS on television, yakking it up, usually about how immoral President Bill Clinton was.

My greatest memory of him is from Crossfire. He was on one night opposite a gay rights activist, and Barr was hotly defending the sacredness of marriage against gays who might want to pledge their troth. The gay rights activist looked at him and drily inquired, "Just which of your three marriages was the sacred one?" For a moment, Barr appeared to gag on his tongue.

Since being dumped out of the House by redistricting, he's gotten more in touch with his Liberterian side and come out against the Bush administration's power grab with the USA Patriot Act and other intrusions on the Constitution, like the wholesale snooping on communications.

This morning we read that Mr. Barr has signed on as a lobbyist for the Marijuana Policy Project. Whaaaa? The Marijuana Policy Project is "a non-profit that seeks protections for medical marijuana patients and caregivers and advocates no jail time for marijuana use."

Guess Mr. Barr is now hiding out in the weed.

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