Monday, March 19, 2007


Not only has failed NC Senate candidate David Blust signed on as the new vice chair of the Watauga County Republican Party, to pull its collective chestnuts out of the fire, but the congenitally under-informed ex-county commissioner has felt obliged to rush into print to defend Madam Virginia Foxx's dismal voting record in regard to the (mis)treatment of war veterans (scroll down to "Veteran's benefits have not been cut").

Mr. Blust, true to form, offers no proof whatsoever that Madam Foxx has never voted to cut veterans benefits. Plus he feels empowered to tell the mother of a Marine serving in Iraq that "Your letter is all political and on top of that you don't even tell the truth."

Well, here's at least a part of the truth of The Madam's dismal record:

* She voted for final passage of a $2.6 trillion budget conference report that cut funding for veterans' health care by $13.5 billion over five years (HR 95, Vote #149, 4/28/2005)
* She voted against a budget proposal that would have increased veterans' health care by $2.9 billion (HRS 95, Vote #82, 3/17/2005)
* She voted against an amendment to the Military Quality of Life and Veterans Affairs funding bill to add $53 million for veterans' health care (HR 2528, Vote #224, 5/26/2005) ... a motion that failed by ONE VOTE -- Madam Foxx's
* She voted against a proposal to the Fiscal 2005 Appropriations bill to increase funding for military health care by $100 million (HR 1268, Vote #76, 3/16/2005)

As to Mr. Blust's own inability to read, or to face the facts, we can only quote his own words back at him: "Your letter is all political and on top of that you don't even tell the truth."

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