Wednesday, March 21, 2007


With reference to postings down-column about Boone Town Councilman Dempsey Wilcox caving in to every developer who comes along but most especially to ASU, we received this suggestion from a reader:
Why doesn't the university purchase the Hardee's property adjacent to the Convocation Center (owned -- jointly? -- by Jim Hastings' son-in-law and Hastings himself?) and put their 8-story College of Education there. Then modern ASU is extending in the direction of the hotel they recently converted to a dormitory and the museum they recently converted to a nursing program. It is much more appropriate placed there -- will not be an eyesore. Then downtown Boone can continue to have the charm that makes it so nice. They could even make the first floor a Hardee's and a Blockbuster and whatever else college students are interested in frequenting.
Maybe someone should suggest this option to the appropriate ASU people.

We were told just last night by an ASU insider that indeed the Hastings property had been eyed by ASU -- or maybe it was the other way around -- and that the asking price is approximately 16 jillion dollars.

Otherwise it's a fine idea.

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