Thursday, March 29, 2007


A bill is moving in Raleigh to allow same-day registration/early voting, and with the threat of increased voter participation, Republicans in the state legislature are HOPPING mad about it, throwing up one amendment after another to require onerous i.d. requirements, etc.

They'll scream "voter fraud." They always do. Locally, there's a history of attempts to deny ASU students their constitutional right to vote where they go to school. This bill should make it easier for students to vote where they're living and paying bills and contributing to the sales-tax revenues of local government. The new Vice Chair of the Watauga County Republican Party, who is not only on record opposing the student vote but also on tape, should be just about apoplectic by now.

Regarding the charge of "voter fraud," an editorial in today's WashPost sums up our reaction to those Republican theatrics:
...the notion of widespread voter fraud ... is itself a fraud.

Won't stop 'em claiming it, though.

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