Saturday, March 17, 2007


The replacement member of the NC House for Jim Black's vacated seat has been chosen by the Mecklenburg County Democratic Party executive committee ... 28-year-old Tricia Cotham, who comes from a family with a long pedigree in Democratic Party activism.

She's recommended to Gov. Easley who will actually appoint her. She'll be the youngest member of the NC House.

She was running for the post against three men, and she pretty much skunked them in the vote, winning 23 out of 32 of the voting members.
Cotham overcame complaints that she didn't live in the district. She put her home in Mint Hill up for sale and moved into a townhouse in the district's Sardis Forest neighborhood this month.

And she's already received some potshots from the progressive community, i.e., BlueNC. But the vast majority of the MeckCo executive committee seemed to think she was IT, and frankly she sounds like she's tough enough to play.

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