Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I've taken some heat for saying the Dems -- specifically John Edwards -- should debate on Fox News (see "A Domino Theory" below), despite how much I disdain the network for the way it's beat the drum for neoconservative warmongering, etc. (and that "et cetera" covers a LOT of provocation, rest assured). Not all the heat I've taken is apparent in the comments posted below. Some of it is apparent only in the way my wife has eyed me across the dinner table and in an off-hand comment she made yesterday, along the lines of "I think you're freakin' wrong about frickin' Fox News."

Haven't changed my mind.

But am interested to see if the high dudgeon of Fox News commentators, who are currently and loudly calling the Dems netroots the equivalent of Nazis and Soviet-era Stalinists for urging the Fox boycott, will hold in light of Air America's offer to sponsor Republican candidate debates. Consistency might demand the Fox blowhards urge their would-be standard-bearers to appear in debates sponsored by their most liberal rival media outlet.

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