Monday, March 05, 2007


Was watching Congresswoman Virginia Foxx a few moments ago on C-SPAN, doing her best to feign concern for the treatment of wounded soldiers in Army rehab units ("It doesn't do us any good to place blame," sez the Rubber Stamper) ... when I ran across Newt Gingrich's comments about Katrina victims and realized you just can't soften an iron heart that easily.

How can you have the mess we have in New Orleans, and not have had deep investigations of the federal government, the state government, the city government, and the failure of citizenship in the Ninth Ward, where 22,000 people were so uneducated and so unprepared, they literally couldn't get out of the way of a hurricane.
We're assured that the emphasis on "and" above was in the original, and it's fairly crucial to Mr. Gingrich's political philosophy. The real culprits in the Katrina disaster? Why, the victims. Why couldn't they just climb into their SUVs and get the hell out of New Orleans, like, maybe go to their summer places early? Uneducated scum!

"The failure of citizenship"? It's the lack of empathy that's even more amazing.

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