Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Stopping Howard Dean, Part Deux

Since National Democrats haven't got a strategic bone in their bodies, what else would you expect from Party Big-Heads but feverish organizing against not just any fellow Democrat but the fellow Democrat who gave the party back its very soul? (Thanks to that bomb-thrower Irmaly for passing on the link.) With Howard Dean the unannounced front-runner to succeed Whatisname as chair of the Democratic National Committee, The Hill reports a scramble among party officials to find a viable Un-Dean to win the vote for the chairmanship on February 12th. Add Harold Ickes' name to the list of possible antidotes to The Good Doctor, along with ex-Congressman Martin Frost (rubbed out by the Tom DeLay redistricting gambit in Texas) and several others whose names are not exactly "market ready" nor even resonant.

The fact that the Vermont governor excited considerable numbers of unaffiliated and Republican voters -- not to mention America's youth -- prior to his ouster as a presidential candidate following the Iowa caucuses last January will have absolutely no bearing on what the Aging Party Dumbbells decide is best.

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