Saturday, December 04, 2004

Irony Gaining on Hypocrisy

Wouldn't it be swell if an avatar of the Right Wing, Fox TV, ended up being the instrument by which the Federal Communications Commission gets its comeuppance for enforcing obscenity standards on TV?

The Fox network has been fined by the FCC for $1.18 million for airing racy fare on a show called "Married by America." If the FCC upholds the fine, Fox is vowing it will go to court to challenge the agency's enforcement of indency standards, which has gotten more draconian since Janet Jackson flashed her headlight.

Frankly, we're on Fox's side in this dispute but enjoy the Bush administration's attempt to placate the Religious Right by sticking it to one of its biggest corporate backers. The fact that the corporation isn't going to just sit back and take it -- and betting that they'll win a court challenge against the FCC -- we'll be looking forward to the new knots of outraged morality the Congress will tie itself up in as it tries to rewrite the law.

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