Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Bush's Guy

The New York Times is saying today that the reason Bernard Kerik became an instant embarrassment for the Bush administration is that everybody in the White House knew that El Presidente was taken with the guy and that it's become the habit of this White House to "expedite" presidential appointments by doing only cursory background checks. So the FBI wasn't given the chance to find the arrest warrant, the business dealings with the Mafia-connected company in Jersey, nor the simultaneous carnal affairs with two women (one of them an underling -- hee hee -- in the N.Y.P.D.) carried out, evidently, in the same apartment that was supposed to be a resting place for N.Y. police brass near the "ground zero" of the World Trade Center. Kerik did little resting there.

But screwing multiple women at the same time is also perhaps what made Kerik the kind of guy's guy that El Presidente is just naturally drawn toward. Bush was willing to vouch for him, just on the basis of hanging out with him in New York in the wreckage. After all, this is also the same El Presidente who informed us that he had looked into Putin's eyes & taken the measure of his "soul," which he found a-okay.

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