Monday, December 20, 2004

Opposition to the Bush Agenda from Republicans

The WashPost published an extensive article today on El Presidente's potential problems with his own Republican majority in Congress, especially in the House, where Tom DeLay's megalomania may cause widespread jaundice: "At a recent GOP leadership retreat, two participants said DeLay appeared to irritate White House political chief Karl Rove by signaling a more aggressive role in the new Congress." That is, "a more aggressive role" for what Tom DeLay wants, not for what Karl Rove thinks is best.

The potential trouble boils down to these main sore points:

1. Overhauling Social Security. Many congressional Republicans are apparently alarmed at the thought. According to the Post, "several senators, including a few 2008 presidential contenders, are rushing to promote their own Social Security plans to compete with Bush's." Rep. Tom Davis (R-Va.) and as many as two dozen House Republicans have let it be known they consider major Social Security changes a potential political loser because many senior citizens fear the consequences.

2. Bush's goal of granting guest-worker status to large numbers of undocumented immigrants will "collide head-on with House Republicans' push to crack down on illegal immigrants." The new intelligence reform bill apparently only passed the House because certain conservative ideologues were promised subsequent legislation cracking down on driver's licenses for illegals, etc.

3. The White House plan to impose federal limits on medical lawsuits. Some conservatives see this as meddling with state's rights. "It's one of the worst bills going," says Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (S.C.).

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