Sunday, December 12, 2004

Spilling Campaign Secrets

Reporters managed to get into a session of political strategists of BOTH stripes at UNC's School of Journalism on Friday, and we can only conclude that the "strategists" in question were drinking shots of Tequila at the time, or else they might not have been so forthcoming ... not, at least, in front of reporters.

Gov. Mike Easley's chief operative admitted that the candidate THEY most feared was Richard Vinroot. "He was a better messenger for change," Easley's guy said.

Yeah, well. But Dems (not to mention the Guv) are blessed in that N.C. Republicans NEVER vote for a moderate in their state-wide primaries, and so long as that pattern holds, maybe we'll luck out with Democratic governors, even if they're Democrats in name only.

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