Wednesday, December 01, 2004

CBS & NBC Censor United Church of Christ Ad

Speaking of hypocrisy (see below), two of the biggest double-dealers in TV broadcasting have decided that an ad for the United Churches of Christ is too hot to handle. You can see the ad in question here to make up your own mind.

The gist is that some churches are like clubs with muscled-up doormen who turn away some people as unacceptable, and the ad makes a point that homosexual couples are among those turned away. The point is that "Jesus doesn't turn away anybody" and neither does the United Church of Christ.

Boy howdy! Both CBS and NBC -- owned, both of them, by Viacom -- have decided this message is too "controversial." The church is outraged (and you should read their press release here), and well they should be. The relentless campaigning against the "gay agenda" by El Presidente and his allies prior to the election was just all right, but a campaign that tries inclusiveness in the name of God is wa-a-a-ay over the top. Jaw-dropping in its blatant molding of the supposedly "public" airwaves to one political agenda.

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