Monday, December 27, 2004

A Fight for State Party Chair

Jerry Meek has made it official ... he intends to buck the Guv and run for State Chair of the N.C. Democratic Party, despite the Guv's having picked Ed Turlington for the top party post.

According to the News & Observer, "Meek noted that he backed off from challenging [Barbara] Allen in 2003 [for the top job], at the request of the governor and was not inclined to do so again. 'This time there is no turning back,' Meek said. 'I am in the race and in the race to stay.' "

The N & O also notes that the State Executive Committee (on which there are 570 votes) has "not in recent memory -- and probably never -- rejected a Democratic governor's choice. 'Ordinarily, having the governor supporting someone else makes it a challenge,' Meek said. 'But for a variety of reasons he has not been as engaged in the party as past governors. I think it will have some impact. But I feel with all connections and friends I have in the party, I will prevail.' "

Jerry Meek ... master of understatement! As in "Easley has not been as engaged in the party as past governors." More like, told the party to pound sand on numerous occasions.

And for the record, Jerry Meek came to Watauga County to speak at a regular party meeting in 2003, encouraging our activists to stay committed, while there is no local memory of the Guv ever showing up here to talk to the people, except for closed meetings were big fat checks got passed into his campaign account.

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