Wednesday, December 29, 2004

N.C. SBOE Orders New State-Wide Vote for Ag Secretary

Voting 3-2 along partisan lines, the N.C. State Board of Elections today ordered a new state-wide election for Secretary of Agriculture, arriving at the only legal decision for rectifying the loss of 4,400 votes in Carteret County in the November election. This was the decision urged on the Board by incumbent Ag Sec't'y Britt Cobb, following the Board's first attempt to fix the problem by throwing the vote to Carteret Co. citizens only, both the 4,400 whose votes were lost plus another 20,000 registered voters who did not turn out in November.

We say "the only legal decision," but that remains to be seen, as Republican challenger Steve Troxler, who was ahead in state-wide voting by 2,300 votes, has promised to take this decision to court.

If this "fix" stands up to court challenge, the new election will likely be in March or April.

So THIS is what you get with electronic touch-screen voting machines. At least PART of what you get.

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