Saturday, March 20, 2004

Which One's the Democrat?

Just what we wanted to read ... with reference to the first "debate," or rather joint appearance, between rival Senate candidates Erskine Bowles and Richard Burr ... "At times during their hourlong appearance, it was difficult to tell who was the Democrat and who was the Republican." (Raleigh News & Observer story here)

"Bowles, the Democrat, defended the Bush administration's war in Iraq, while Burr, the Republican, decried cuts made in the 1990s to health-care programs .... Of the two candidates, Bowles voiced the most spirited defense of the Iraq war, saying he would have voted to authorize the war and to appropriate $87 billion to finance the continued U.S. presence." Well, there goes the college vote, the Dean vote, the Kucinich vote!

Just exactly what IS the strategy here, Mr. Bowles?

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